5 Best Free Backup Software Tools in 2023

When it comes to our personal computer, we are not very conscious about data protection. When our system gets infected with the virus or the hard disk crashes, then we stuck without backup.
In this article, we share our experience about some best free backup software that helps you to take proper backup of your important data.

1. EaseUS Todo Backup

ease us todo backup

EaseUS Todo free backup software that supports automatically backup your files & folder, system drives, entire HDD, SSD & Android device to external device, flash drive, pen drive & NAS, etc.
The user interface of EaseUS is very simple & easy to use, only one click to backup your files & folder using the smart backup option.
EaseUS supports all backup methods like full backup incremental backup, and differential backup. Easeus Todo backup tool compresses the backup file and save space & also encrypt the backup file to secure your data.
The free version of the EaseUS Todo backup tool compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10 and Windows 11.

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2. AOMEI Backupper Standard 6.8 Free

AOMEI Backupper 6.5
Image: AOMEI

The Aomei Backupper Standard is yet another best free backup software, which comes with some of the best features you like.AOMEI Backupper is a simple and easy tool to back up files/folders, partitions, hard drives, or the entire system.
This backup tool also has an option for disk and partition clones.
It provides a complete and incremental backup option and talking about the backup destination, AOMEI supports internal/external hard drives, removable drives, and network storage.

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3. Cobain Backup

Cobain free professional backup & recovery tool can be used to create & schedule backup jobs and save to another hard drive, NAS(Network storage) & FTP server. Cobian backup tool runs your backup task as per your requirement once, on startup, daily, weekly & monthly.
Cobain backup compressed your backup files to save space & also have an encryption option to secure your data.
Cobian backup tool automatically removes empty backup folders & utilizing volume shadow copy. Cobain has a feature to choosing backup priority & send failed /success logs to one or more email addresses.
Cobain free backup tool compatible with Windows XP, 7,8 & Windows 10

4. Paragon Backup & Recovery Free Edition

Paragon Backup and recovery is a free backup software that creates the backup of your entire computer, partition, or sets of files and folders you select. Free edition also creates the full and partial backups of your data on schedule or demand. Paragon Interface has clean, well-organized & easy to use.
Paragon Backup and Recovery has advanced recovery options. Using a recovery media builder creates a bootable cd or USB that helps you to boot your sick PC and run a backup.
Paragon highly compatible with virtual hard drives but did not have FTP or online backup options and also not provide a disk cloning feature.
Paragon Backup and Recovery tool support Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10

5. FBackup

Fbackup is a free backup software for backup your data automatically in a few clicks. It can be used for personal & commercial purpose.
Fbackup offers you a wizard and advanced mode that helps you create and schedule backup jobs that can save in hard drive, removable drive, network drives, and Google drive. It uses standard zip compression that can help to convert your full backup to password-protected zip format.
Fbackup provides some advanced features like backup open files, mirror backup, multiple backup destinations and lacks few features like FTP backups, incremental backup & email notifications.

6. SyncBackFree

SyncBackFree is a free powerful backup & synchronization tool that allows you to maintain a backup copy of your files & folder & save to FTP, SMB or other portable storage.
SyncBack allows you to schedule your projects and task & zip compression your backup files and save data to various locations. SyncBack also backup your open or live files & provide your backup logs on email.
SyncBackFree is completely free software & supports Microsoft Windows 10,8,7 and Vista 32 & 64 bit.

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